Cycle of Work


Digital transformation requires you to think about the people you work with and how they should perform. Out current approach of defining KPI’s and rewarding the best execution is not working here. It might as well be one of the fail factors for your change management process. They tend to incentivise replicatable behaviour. And limit change factors to those that are defined.


The soft-entrepreneur

[Growth and business centric inspiration but in line for the company. Never full circle: product, marketing, operations at least one of these factors is always out of reach.





Think -> Try -> Scale -> Automate.


Spark to ignition process

Idea to scale process

The Automation Chain


Breaking the loop
In the end all of this is not important if you do not safeguard and reward those that successfully break this loop. De-automation might sometimes be needed to get a better effect. Sometimes it is not pure scaling that will work but rather differentiation.

The complete set of brains involved in the creative and intellectual process governing your company needs to be engaged and focussed. The more opportunities and options, less politics and bureaucracy. 

Jaap Gorjup

Jaap Gorjup

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