Introduction to Digital Transformation


This is the start of 5 articles about Digital Transformation. It is the process our society is in and is impacting the way we do our daily life.

 Let’s first get some things clear. It is not a techno-vision of the future. Most of these things are now, or even should be applied yesterday. I am not going to cover technological carriers of this transformation ranging from social media to blockchain. In these articles I want to focus on how it impacts our our daily work and the organisations supplying this for us. I will try to give some simple handles how to structure the digital transformation and to harness it.

But the core is ‘digital’ which simply means software, for you, you customers, your employees, your suppliers, your resellers, your partners. And this software and the unique way you position it is your unique selling point.


This series focusses on these parts of digital transformation below:

  • Software is the Key.
    One important change is that software becomes a part of your organisation. Making things digital makes it scalable if you do it right. You should take responsibility of your software processes and make then quick and flexible. 

  • The Cycle of Work.
    Work changes always, but digital transformation makes profound changes to the way you and your collegues work. Anything replicatable can be automated, so while doing the digital transformation you should think about how work will be done in the future.

  • The Cloud and the Edge
    Processing is happening everywhere, our environment is getting smarter all the time. And this because of collaboration of algorithms in the cloud and sensors in the edge. But the edge is getting smarter, and how about privacy? For digital transformation a strategy is needed.

  • You’re in Tech now
    There is no denying, any organisation is in tech now. Like a chef cook you’re not a farmer but you need to know quality of materials and where to get them. In the world of digital transformation there is no outsourcing digital, it cannot conveniently be offloaded to a separate organisation. The divide between IT and business is faded and product cycles become IT cycles. They are that heavily entangled now that decoupling is ending your organisation bit by bit. In this article I want to dive in this a little bit deeper talking about the three powers of Commoditization, Consumerization and Convergence.

  • Antifragile.
    How to improve stability and security of our digital environments.
Jaap Gorjup

Jaap Gorjup

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